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What to Engrave on a Watch

What to Engrave and Customize on a Watch

Customizable watches can be designed and built according to personal style, but nothing can personalize a wrist watch like an engraving. An engraving can be a great way to mark an occasion, express a feeling or provide congratulations on an accomplishment. These permanent additions add personal history to timepieces, so it is important to choose the right message.

Custom Engraved Pieces: From Desk Clocks to Wrist Watches

Engraving has always been a popular form of decoration, but this has not always been applied to jewelry alone. In its most basic form, engraving has been around for centuries. Throughout the 18th and 19th century, engraving became popular (particularly among the elite), for household items such as table clocks and silverware. Heavy clocks were great at home, but a more portable solution became necessary. Flash forward to the 20th century where engraving has shifted to more useful, portable items like wrist watches.

There is no question that beautifully constructed wrist watches make great gifts. These practical presents can also be personal as well. While it is possible to customize a time piece through bands, casings and faces, nothing could be more unique than a timeless message, shared memory or meaningful date.

The Perfect Personalized Gift: Watch Engraving Ideas

When deciding what to engrave on a watch there are a few things to consider: will the message age well? Does the engraving fit the occasion? Will the message fit?

Understand the Occasion: Traditionally, special occasions or accomplishments have been marked or celebrated by gift giving and what could be better than a well-crafted and attractive wrist watch? Whatever the occasion, your engraved message should match. For example, when giving a graduation gift, the exact date of the ceremony might lose its importance over the years. In that situation, a simple phrase like “your time is now” or “the future starts now” might be more appropriate. Wedding anniversaries are ideal events to input dates or a quick note or poem reference that is meaningful to the couple.

Watch Engraving Ideas

Will the Message Age Well: A great watch is meant to last and that goes for your engraving as well. When deciding on a personal message, think about how that message will read five, or even ten years from now. Pop culture references are often a passing fad and should be avoided. Consider how things might change between now and then; For example, marking a dating anniversary will seem sweet when falling in love but you may prefer having a wedding date later on.

Will Your Message Fit: Depending on the size and style of watch that you choose, there may not be as much surface area to carry your message. As much as you might love the idea of a poem or a quote, a smaller casing might not allow for it. In the case of smaller areas, simple dates, initials or abbreviations work best. It is also popular choice to opt for religious verse, a poem title or even location co-ordinates.

Custom Engraving: The Perfect Finishing Touch

Whether choosing leather bands or wooden watches, metal casings are the perfect blank canvas to add a personalized touch. In order to help create the perfect gift, Tense Watches offers free engraving on any watch purchase. In addition to being a practical gift, a personalized watch can add sentimental value that is treasured for years to come or can even be passed down - so make those messages count!

Custom Engraved Pieces:



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