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Vegan Leather Watch Straps: A Sustainable Staple Accessory

For over a century, watches have been the ideal accessory. A beautifully crafted time piece can be a fantastic addition to any wardrobe - and an even better gift idea! Leather watch straps have been a staple in traditional wrist watch designs but animal-based materials are not for everyone. Whether trying to reduce your carbon footprint, maintaining a sustainable lifestyle or shopping for an animal-lover, a vegan leather watch strap is the answer.

Vegan leather offers ethical fashion without sacrificing style. In the past, it was hard to keep track of which everyday products contain animal products or by-products. Today’s consumer is much more informed, not only about which items and accessories contain animal products but about how to maintain a sustainable lifestyle. Tense Watches is helping to create a more eco-conscious watch brand, one piece at a time.

Understanding the Advantages of Vegan Leather

Vegan accessories offer options for ethical fashion without sacrificing style. For some, this may be the prime selling feature, however there are plenty of benefits to cruelty-free wrist watches:

Ethical: In addition to being animal-friendly, vegan watch straps have a lower production impact on the environment. In addition to being ethical, animal-free accessories help to accommodate a sustainable lifestyle. For anyone with a plant based diet, it is common to carry cruelty-free and ethical habits into other aspects of a lifestyle. Treat the vegan in your life with the gift of a high-quality accessory.

Cost Effective: In addition to looking great, vegan leather watch straps are an affordable alternative to traditional animal based materials. High quality and well-crafted straps look just as good as animal leather, but at a fraction of the cost. Choosing a high end vegan alternative can also mean years of use when cared for properly.

Lightweight: Some leather watch bands are thick, heavy and can irritate skin if worn frequently over long periods. Vegan leather tends to be lightweight and thinner. In addition to being attractive, vegan leather straps are more comfortable as well. A great wrist watch can be a daily reminder and asset, so don’t hesitate to choose a comfortable option for yourself or a loved one.

Last Words on Your Wrist Watch

Consumers tend to associate real leather with great quality, but these are not your only options. With options for sustainable watch bands, it has never been easier to maintain a sustainable lifestyle. From wooden bands to vegan leather, there is something for everyone at Tense Watches. High quality vegan leather is ethically created, affordable and comfortable. Put the animal-bases to bed and choose sustainable options, today.

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