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Unplug With Unique Watches For Men and Women

The year 2021 is a time when we spend more time than ever plugged in or online. Whether working from home or keeping up with current events, there is always a piece of tech on-hand. From smart phones to smart watches, digital options to tell time are a dime a dozen, but what if you need a break? Watches are now more than ever a way to stay in the present, while staying on time!

Unique watches are a tried, tested, and true way to express your interests and creativity in a practical and attractive way. From licensed characters to colourful bands, there are plenty of outlandish watch designs available but if you are on the hunt for more refined designs, Tense watches has got you covered.

Accessible and Unique Designs

One of the first questions that shoppers ask when looking for a wrist watch is “Does it travel?”. No, this does not mean “can it move from place to place?” but instead “can it go from day to night?”. Loud colours and funky designs are certainly unique, however that does not always mean practical. More than patterns alone, unique watches for men and women can include everything from shapes and casings to brands and materials.

Unique Materials: Traditionally, watches are made primarily from metals, but materials can be mixed and matched for a unique look. Leather bands or our new vegan leather option adds an aspect of comfort, and they can also add an aspect of personality. Recent years have seen an increase in sustainability. Wooden watches and vegan options offer an eco-conscious take on stylish time pieces that stand out in a crowd.

Engraving: There is nothing that makes a watch more unique than an engraving. A simple or ornate engraving can be paired with a simple or complex design. A short message can be a great way to personalize a gift, or as a way to add a quote or motivator to a piece of you own.

Blend Styles: If you enjoy one aspect of a design but not the overall style, there are ways to mix and match your preferences. Frames and casings of one material can be paired with others to create a completely new and unique look. For example, wooden faces or casings can be paired with leather bands, increasing comfort and accessory appeal.

Don’t Limit Yourself: Traditionally, unique women’s watches are thin and delicate. These styles, while pretty, do not have the versatility that modern women might need. By offering adjustable or gender-neutral styles, Tense Watches can help to pair the right watch with the right wearer. For outdoor hiking adventures to company meetings, there is something to fit every personality and style.

Follow Your Own Path

Smart phones are a dime a dozen and while traditional watches might not have a pedometer or heart rate counter, they are an excellent way to stay in the moment. There is nothing more unique nowadays than stepping away from complicated electronics. With plenty of options for unique styles, there has never been a better time to make a statement with a unique wrist watch.

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