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Forecast of Women’s Watches

Despite only being a few months into the new year, trend forecasts for 2021 have already been set. When picking out a new accessory, it is important to know what is on the horizon and how trendy watches for women might fit in with your own signature style. Now, as ever, the biggest trend in fashion and accessories will always be your unique style - but it does not hurt to see what is on the rise for women’s watches.

2021 Forecast of Women’s Watches

Key Trends to Look Out For

  • Sustainability: In the same way that accessories can showcase your style, they can also show off your values. Being eco-conscious is not a passing fad but a commitment and a way of life. Implementing reclaimed wood and other responsibly sourced material not only provides the wearer with peace of mind but offers up a unique look.
  • Large Dials: Dainty watches might be easily overlooked but there is no missing a large face and polished look. These clear and simple watch faces can be customized to suit any wearer and can add finishing touches to any outfit. This is a great way to add an update to traditional round-shaped faces.
  • Sharp Angles: Square frames and angular watch faces may have been a staple in the roaring 1920’s but history has a way of repeating itself. Traditional rounded faces are a classic, but they are not always the exciting accessory that we want them to be. A square face can add personality to even a muted outfit.
  • Interchangeable Bands: If you are making an investment in a watch, make sure that you can wear it every day. By choosing a timepiece with the option for interchangeable bands, your accessory can easily transition from day to night or from the board room to a lounge.

2021 Forecast of Women’s Watches

Final Thoughts

Cheap watches are a dime a dozen, but they often do not last long. From broken bands to cracked faces, a cheap model is a waste of money. When picking out a new timepiece, quality is important and craftsmanship counts. Don’t buy a watch to suit the moment, buy a watch to suit yourself.

If your wardrobe is made up of colour and patterns, a large, clean face and polished casing makes a statement without adding too much flash. For those with more muted, neutral styles, add a touch of personality with a marble accent. A more active lifestyle might demand waterproofing, durable bands and tougher materials like sapphire glass to prevent scratches.

2021 Forecast of Women’s Watches

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