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Apple Watch Bands

Unexpected and Unique: Looking into Wooden Apple Watch Bands

2021 is projected to be the year of tech. From upgraded household appliances to interactive networks, “smart” is the new normal. In the same way that smart phones have dominated the market, more and more people are making way for the Apple Watch. These not-so-simple accessories are essentially portable computers that can be carried comfortably on your wrist - but how do they fit into your lifestyle?

The appeal of an Apple Watch will differ between wearers. From fitness buffs to hikers, to those hoping to better monitor their health and even photographers - there is something for everyone. Hard angles provide sleek looks, but they also help to create the ideal surface area for access and readability. It is no wonder that such a useful tool is becoming so popular and so common. When you want a functional timepiece without losing personality, an Apple Watch band can make a statement.

Apple Watch Bands

Customizing Your Piece

When you want a functional time piece without losing personality, customization is key. Luckily, there are ways that you can do this both on and off your screen. 

Fonts: Unlike a traditional watch, Apple Watches allow wearers to change the typeface on their pieces. From familiar fonts and ordinary numbering to bubble letters or quirky new styles, this is one way to put your stamp on an accessory.

Wallpapers: In the same way that the wallpaper on your cell phone is the first image that you see when checking the time or unlocking your device, so is the wallpaper on your watch. This can range depending on your hobbies or interests but in either case, this backdrop is a way to make an accessory all yours.

Watch Bands: The right watch band is a major contributor to both the look and comfort of a watch. Rubber watch bands can pull at skin and tug on hair. These standard bands are designed to be durable and easy to clean but that isn’t everything. Choosing a stylish band can help to transition your piece from day to night while offering a unique spin that is all your own.

Apple Watch Bands

The Right Band for You: Combining Nature and Tech

It can be difficult to choose between a smart watch and something that is more on trend in the fashion world. The experts at Tense Watches have found a way to combine the two by combining the practicality of a tech-forward watch and the elegant and rustic look of a wooden watch band. Wooden Apple Watch bands can be added to any series and edition, making it an easy upgrade to any accessory.

At Tense Watches, wooden watch bands are created through sustainable means. Each band is made from reclaimed wood and as such, is completely unique to any other band on the market. With a choice in wood type, there are plenty of options for types and colors.

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