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The Perfect Christmas Gift For Your Boyfriend: A Wooden Watch

The Christmas season can be stressful. From packed schedules and travel time, to party preparation, it can feel impossible to stay on top of it all. As if this wasn’t enough, the simple act of gift giving can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Finding the right gift, especially for a significant other, is a lot of pressure - but Tense Watches can help!

A Unique Take on a Timeless Staple

As the holidays roll around, there is one question that often comes to mind: “what do you get for the man who has everything?”. From books to electronics; to sports equipment and art supplies, the men in our lives have a wide range of interests. Whether your partner is outdoorsy, tech-savvy or both, confidence if always key and the right accessory can get you there.

The right gift should be more than a simple trinket. Instead of spending money on something made up of cheap materials that won’t last long, invest in something durable! More than just being another knickknack that sits on the shelf,  wooden watches for men make a statement but they do so in a sustainable way.

With a wide range of options and customizable features, the right watch can be simple, subtle, attention grabbing, allergy-conscious and eco-conscious but they are always fashionable. Purchasing a wooden watch as a gift is not only a functional choice but it is an opportunity to show your partner just how well you know them!

Far from an impersonal gesture like a gift card or a mass produced piece of clothing, a customized timepiece adds a personal touch to your gift. With options for watch straps, to colours, faces and even engraving, this watch will be uniquely theirs!

Sustainable Surprises and Eco-Conscious Presents

The holidays are known to be a time of excess. From extravagant gifts to over-the-top packaging, it can take months for an individual to recover financially and it can take even longer for the planet to recover from the impacts of just one day. Tense Watches is committed to creating sustainable products, ethically packaged, sourced and produced. Instead of allowing discarded wood to end up in landfills, Tense Watches sources scraps and turns them into beautiful pieces, designed to last.

It is no secret that the wide world of retail is changing with the global climate. It is not always possible to pop out to the mall for a browse, hoping to find something that screams “perfect gift”. With tons of online options for a customized wood watch, it is easy to design your ideal gift from the comfort of home. Shop and design on your own time, in your own way. Local care, competitive pricing and excellent customer service means never having to sacrifice convenience for character - get the perfect Christmas gift for your boyfriend: a wooden watch!

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