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The Advantages of Choosing a Wooden Wrist Watch

Watches have long been the go-to accessory to complete any outfit. From day to night or work to recreation, the right timepiece can be stylish, practical and long lasting. With the world at large becoming more and more committed to sustainability, eco-conscious options are more popular than ever and that includes wooden wrist watches.

The Ethical Alternative

The development of wooden watches has been years in the making. From design and manufacturing to choice of materials and finishes, these practical alternatives are more accessible - and stylish! - than ever. Despite being an attractive accessory, there are plenty of reasons to choose wooden watches over traditional metal ones.

Unique Look: Far from heavy or bulky options, a wood base offers a comfortable, lightweight and unique option for personal style. With a wide variety of options for base materials, there is something for everyone. From Maplewood, teak, bamboo or even walnut, there is not shortage of ethically-sourced and attractive options to choose from.

Cost: A high quality accessory, men’s watches in particular, have often been used as a status symbol. The right brand or style can run buyers thousands of dollars but naturally-based alternatives are far more cost-effective and therefore accessible to a wider audience. Your budget should not limit your style choices!

Environmentally Conscious: Heavy metals, like those used in traditional watch designs, do not degrade. This means that long after these accessories break or are no longer useful, they will just sit in a landfill, taking up space. Wooden watches will degrade over time and depending on the type of wood used, the materials used to create them can be easily regrown or replanted. Tense Watches utilize discarded wood scraps, recycled into new and exciting watch designs. By devoting time and efforts to non-profit organizations, Tense Watches is committed to offsetting our carbon footprint while creating quality products.

Hypoallergenic: Skin irritations and allergies are common all over the world. What could be worse than committing to a large purchase, like an expensive watch, only to find out that you are allergic? From raw skin to rashes and hives, there is no end to the side effects that certain metals can have. Wood, on the other hand, offers a bit of relief. Hypoallergenic options allow wearers to enjoy their accessories without skin irritations.

How to Choose a Wooden Watch

Choosing Canadian made watches means supporting local business and encouraging sustainable practice, all with a stylized accessory. In the past, the main focus of women’s watches was fashion and not necessarily function. With so many options for men’s, women’s and unisex designs, there are no limits. With so many styles, face sizes, band types and the option for completely customized pieces, buyers can inject as much personality as they would like.

Lifestyle can dictate which material will work best for your day-to-day activity level. For example, some materials are more prone to degrading when met with water or direct sunlight. It is always better to research materials before making a commitment.

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