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Men’s Square Watches Made in Canada

In the past, being seen as “square” was a bad thing but the newest trend in men’s watches is here to change that. When trying to choose a new timepiece, round faces are familiar and, let’s face it, common. A rounded edge has become the default for men’s watch styles. More than personality, these basic wrist watches are easily overlooked but a look to the past can help change that!

The roaring 20’s was known for their unique style, so it is no wonder that these years saw the rise of the square watch. Classic accessories of this period displayed hard angles and art-deco designs. Combining these styles with a refined and modern twist has made square watches for men, the newest trend in men’s accessories. 

Square Watches to Fit Your Lifestyle

No matter your occupation or your hobbies, everyone can use a watch. These simple additions can help with punctuality, keep appointments, take a break from tech, and lend a sophisticated air to any outfit. Far from being reserved for an office or night out, men’s wrist watches are made to accommodate active styles and casual wear as well.

Watches are one of the most customizable accessories out there. With the ability to change face size, band styles and overall materials, the perfect accessory is only a few clicks away.

Sleek Styles: Sleek styles and polished metals are great for the office or formal events. The concept of sleek can often bring the word “small” to mind but this isn’t always the case. Just because a watch has a larger face or casing does not mean that it becomes clunky. Tense Watches offer classic styles with modern updates to accommodate a sleek style with a functional edge. Options such as the Vermont or Brunswick men’s watch offer a sleek style with customizable edge. 

Made for the Outdoors: When accommodating an active lifestyle, look to the band! Square watches are often seen as reserved for sophisticated occasions, but these styles are more versatile than you might think. Tense Watches works to make watches a versatile accessory. From wooden links to leather bands and even wood-blocked or irregular pieces, there is something for everyone. For the best in active lifestyles, The Summit, Timber or Elaho are excellent options.

Locally Made, Ethically Sourced: Combining timeless styles and sustainable practices is what Tense Watches is all about. Wooden accessories are a new and emerging trend, but it is important to ensure that these materials are being sourced responsibly. Creating beautiful designs from recycled and reclaimed wood are a part of what makes watches made in Canada so unique. 

Investing in Yourself

For more men’s watches made in Canada, explore the full catalogue of options at Tense Watches. No matter your preferred style or budget, there is something for everyone. Sporting a men’s wood wrist watch speaks to style but the devil is in the details. With customizable options from bands to faces, it has never been easier to put your stamp on an accessory. Go ahead, be square.

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